The GCC was founded exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.

The GCC mission is to assist Georgian-Americans in learning and preserving Georgian language, culture, and traditions, and to introduce Georgian language, culture, and traditions to the American society.

To achieve this mission, the GCC engages in research, education, and charity.

The creation and existence of the GCC is entirely dependant on volunteers’ diligent and selfless hard work.

The GCC is recruiting volunteers of different ages, educational backgrounds, and interests. We are looking for volunteers who meet the following requirements:

  • Has motivation to work with the GCC
  • Has knowledge of GCC activities and tasks  
  • Is punctual, responsible, and accountable
  • Has graduated from high school and/or has higher education (in some circumstances, we also accept high school students)
  • Has basic computer skills
  • Is fluent in Georgian, English, or (preferably) both.

The following is a list of duties and responsibilities for various research, educational, and administrative positions at the GCC.

Event Organizer and Assistants

The Event Organizer and their Assistants will be responsible for finding event venues, preparing required documents (for example rental agreements), securing event insurance and licenses, procuring required technology, creating menus, securing event food. They will carry out other tasks as required.

Calendar and Advertising Administrator and assistent

Advertising Coordinator and Assistant

The Advertising Coordinator and Assistant will be responsible for maintaining the GCC calendar and for advertising GCC events, classes, and seminars using various media.

Georgian Language School Teachers and Assistants

Teachers and their Assistants will be responsible for teaching lessons according to program materials.

Arts and Crafts Teachers and Assistants

Teachers and their Assistants will be responsible for teaching lessons according to program materials.

Seminar Planner

The Seminar Planner will be responsible for establishing and maintaining contacts with potential seminar lecturers (professionals, other interesting individuals) and assisting them in seminar planning.

Library Manager, Catalogue Administrator and Electronic Library Administrator

The Library Manager will oversee the acquisition of books, other print materials, handwritten artifacts, audio and video materials. He or she will also oversee online resources and links and maintain the library webpage.

The Catalogue Administrator will be responsible for creating and maintaining a catalogue of all library materials.

The Electronic Library Administrator will be responsible for finding electronic versions of print materials and creating a catalogue of links to those resources.

Virtual Museum Director, Curators and Researchers

Virtual Museum Manager will be responsible for overseeing the research and gathering of materials on various topics, using those materials to stage exhibits, creation of parallel online exhibits, and the uploading online exhibits.

Curators will coordinate research and catalogue information and materials found.

Researchers will find relevant materials and establish and maintain contacts with other organizations and individuals.

For more information about these positions, please contact

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