Your membership will help Georgian Cultural Center become a heart of cultural, educational, and social activities.


Georgian Cultural Center is a not for profit organization under IRS code section 501(c)(3). Therefore the donations are tax-deductible (please check with your accountant or tax-preparer).

Employer Matching Gift Program

Does your employer offer a matching gift program? If so, name The Georgian Cultural Center as the charitable institution of your choice.

Membership and Donor Categories

Categories Invitations to Events Discounts to education Programs Discounts on Event Tickets Annual Founders Brunch Mentioned in Annual Report as
Individual Membership $360 yes yes 15.00% member
Couple Membership $480 yes yes 30.00% member
Family Membership $600 yes yes 50.00% member
Supporter $1000-$5000 yes yes 4 Free Tickets for Each Event yes Supporter
Benefactor $5000-$10000 yes yes 6 Free Tickets for Each Event yes Benefactor
Patron $10000 and up yes yes 8 Free Tickets for Each Event yes Patron
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